Fatiando a Terra: Geophysical modeling and inversion


Fatiando a Terra (Portuguese for Slicing the Earth) is an open-source Python toolkit for geophysical modeling and inversion.

Fatiando provides:

  • A way to integrate geophysical modeling: functions operate on a common data and model format so that different methods can be interchanged and linked together
  • Easily prototyping inversion methods using the fatiando.inversion package of inverse problem solvers
  • A range of toy problems to help teach modeling and inverse problem concepts
  • Easy plotting with matplotlib and 3D plotting with Mayavi
  • Fast routines, courtesy of Numpy and Cython
  • A free (as in beer) and open-source alternative to commercial software

Check out a list of related projects like: open-source software, lecture notes and exercises (free under Creative Commons licenses), and courses taught using our material.

The cookbook has examples of what Fatiando can already do.


Fatiando a Terra was presented at SciPy 2013!

You can view and download the slides and source code of the presentation and proceedings in this GitHub repository.


Documentation for Fatiando is hosted on ReadTheDocs:


Just follow the installation instructions in the documentation. If you have any problems, get in touch and we'll do our best to help!


Many of us are scientists too, so citations help justify the effort that goes into building Fatiando. If you use Fatiando in your research, please consider citing it in your publications:

Uieda, L., V. C. Oliveira Jr and V. C. F. Barbosa (2013), Modeling the Earth with Fatiando a Terra, Proceedings of the 12th Python in Science Conference. [pdf]

or if you're a BibTex user:

    author = {Uieda, Leonardo and Oliveira Jr, Vanderlei C. and
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See our CITATION file for more information. Read this if you haven't heard of CITATION files yet. They're the latest trend!


Fatiando a Terra is under development at GitHub! All development happens on named (or feature) branches. The latest stable release is in the releases branch. There are tags for each release that is on PyPI (e.g., v0.1).

If you want the bleeding edge, have a look at the master branch. We try very hard to keep master stable and usable. See the install guide for information on how to get the latest code from GitHub.

Getting help and contributing

If you need any help or want to contribute, get in touch! We welcome any feed back and interest. Drop us a line on Twitter or Google+.

The easies way to contribute is to file bug reports and feature requests using our issue tracker. All you need is GitHub account!

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